Face to Face: A Waltz With Destiny

Kidnapped: His Bride-to-Be
Penelope is to be married to a virtual stranger so as a last resort to an adventure she sneaks off to a masked ball.
Penelope Ashurst is a dutiful daughter, but wishing for just one adventure before she submits to marriage to the stuffy old viscount her father has selected, she sneaks off to attend a society masked ball. There, she dances and shares a secret kiss with a handsome blond stranger. Her heart is stolen! How can she find a way to come face to face with this mystery man once more?
When Ranulph Rochefort, Earl of Monfort, meets Miss Ashurst, he realizes this goddess is the young woman picked out for him as a suitable wife. However, it’s clear Penelope has no idea he’s the one she’s been promised to. He decides not to reveal his identity but to contrive to see her again.
Only then, Penelope is abducted! Lord Percival Trane, a ne’er-do-well aristocrat, needs to marry a wealthy woman to settle his debts. When Ranulph fathoms who has taken Penelope, and that they are bound for Gretna Green, he knows he must move heaven and earth find her. But can he reach her in time, and instead, claim her as his rightful bride?
She thought he was dead but he was only injured.
Alanna Lucas has written a very good novella.

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