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Lord of the Blade

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Lord Corbett Blake is determined to bring honor back to his family name. King Edward III has told him he needs to marry, or lose his lands and title. Corbett’s late father made the mistake of marrying a commoner, and because of this, it is up to Corbett to make things right.

Now he searches for the perfect lady, but his reputation proceeds him. Three times he has lost future brides to death before they ever reached the altar. Some say he is the messenger of death himself, with his pet raven perched upon his shoulder. But now, he searches for the troubled girl with the green eyes, who calls out to him for help every night in his sleep. 

Devon has been raised in secret, hidden inside the walls of the monastery for the last eighteen years. Now, the black-hearted Lord of Steepleton has discovered her. She is excited at first when she hears he will be bringing her to the castle, that is, until she realizes he wants her to be nothing more than his servant.

Deception and secrets are many within the walls of Blake Castle, but they can’t hold a candle to the passion that stirs between Corbett and his servant, Devon – a woman who can destroy everything he is, with the power of just one kiss.

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Legacy of the Blade

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 (Series Prequel)

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Corbett Blake is a child who wants to be a knight and follow in his father’s footsteps, but because he is gifted, he is sent to be a sorcerer’s apprentice instead. 
This short story of approximately 6,500 words is the prequel of the four-book Legacy of the Blade series and sets the scenes for the books to follow. Excerpts from each book in the series are included.

My Thoughts:

Needed a bit more development

Reviewed at Amazon July 18, 2019

I would have liked a little more meat to this story. We know that Corbett doesn’t want to be the sorcerer’s apprentice and would much rather be a knight.
We find he has lost his entire family in a series of random acts of tragedy, evil and war.
Reading this makes you want to know the source of his pain so it makes book one of the series a must read.
I received a complimentary copy of this short story to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I read and reviewed voluntarily.
I gave this short read 3.25 of 5.0 stars. It just needed a bit more development in this reader’s opinion.

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The next three books in the 

Legacy of the Blade Series 

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Highland Storm


Highland Chronicles Series Book 1

This is the son of Storm MacKeefe from Lady Renegade.

Releasing on September 19th!

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Enemies, lovers, or possibly both? How far will one go to get mentioned in the Highland Chronicles? 

Hawke is the son of the well-known and respected laird, Storm MacKeefe. When the King’s Chronicler arrives at the castle to record the heroic acts of the MacKeefe Clan, Hawke decides it is time to be noticed and to step out of his father’s shadow.

But getting mentioned in the Highland Chronicles isn’t an easy task. Not when he and his friends have to live up to the legends of their parents. Will anyone ever be able to outshine Storm and the Madmen MacKeefe?

When a hunting trip turns into a deadly battle against their rival clan, the MacNabs, Hawke is left for dead and his grandfather is abducted. Wounded, and in one final attempt to even the score, Hawke captures MacNab’s daughter when she tries to strip him of his belongings on the battlefield.

Phoebe MacNab is a healer, traveling with her father’s men through enemy territory, while looking for precious herbs. But when she is taken captive by the handsome Hawke MacKeefe, she is forced to make a decision that can change her life forever.

Will capturing the daughter of a sworn enemy as part of a daring plot to save his grandfather finally get Hawke mentioned in the Highland Chronicles? Or will his attraction for the lass and his desire to protect her, turn his clan against him instead?

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