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Too Clever by Half

Too Clever by half

Harrow’s Finest Five Series

by Nancy Yeager

File Size: 4006 KB

Print Length: 90 pages

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Publisher: Nyb Publishing

Publication Date: November 29, 2018

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


Digital List Price: $2.99

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Two brilliant scholars engaged in a battle of wits…and seduced by the lure of passion.

Mr. James Alcott has carved out his place in the world with an esteemed position at Harrow School. But when the school changes direction, he’s set adrift. He can redeem himself by founding a scholarship program if he wins the annual Duke’s Trust competition for seed money. A seemingly simple task. Until a mysterious competitor enters the race.

Lady Tessa Harmsworth has fabricated the reclusive Mr. Pettibone as the champion of her women’s education fund. It’s the only way a woman can enter the Duke’s Trust competition, let alone win it. And Tessa intends to win. Until her annoyingly clever opponent sets out to uncover her ruse.

As Tessa and James match wits, their spirited rivalry turns into a passionate affair. With the coveted prize hanging in the balance, they must choose between their lifelong dreams and their reckless hearts.

Harrow’s Finest Five Series

Check out all of these Victorian Romances about smart women, sexy men, steamy passions, and the occasional scandal. While each story in the series features recurring characters from a group of old mates from Harrow, each book is a stand-alone romance that can be read in any order.

Available now:
-Too Clever by Half, Tessa & James
-One Kiss from Ruin, Emme & Daniel
-Two Scandals are Better than One, Luci & Edward

Coming soon:
-Three Husbands and a Lover, Finola & Percy, coming August 2019
-Four Corners of Heaven, Amelia & Harry, coming 2020
-Five Ways to Seduce a Duke, Angelique & Simon, coming 2020


Anything but a Duke

$5.99 in E-Book

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Avon Romance  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Google Play  |  iBooks

Self-made man Aidan Iverson has seen more closed doors in his thirty years than he’s ever cared to count. As a member of the elite Duke’s Den, he has all the money he could possibly need but the one thing he can’t purchase is true power. If roguish Aidan can’t buy his way into society’s hallowed halls, he’ll resort to a more extreme measure: marriage.

Brought up to be a proper lady, the only thing Diana Ashby desires is to be left alone to the creation of her own devices. But when her dreams are crushed, she must find another way to secure the future of her invention. Knowing his desire to enter her world, Diana strikes a deal to arrange Aidan’s marriage to the perfect lady—as long as that lady isn’t her. She doesn’t need any distractions from her work, particularly of the sinfully handsome variety.

As Diana and Aidan set out to find him an aristocratic match, neither are prepared for the passion that ignites between them or the love they can’t ignore.

In the Duke’s Den, can happiness ever be a winning prospect?

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A Taste of Seduction

a taste of seduction

An Unlikely Husband Book 1

by Mary Campisi

File Size: 2274 KB

Print Length: 327 pages

Publisher: Mary Campisi

Publication Date: December 14, 2013; 2nd edition 

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


Digital List Price: $3.99

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Love and Betrayal…Regency style

A young woman of noble blood, raised as a peasant girl…
An orphaned stable boy, now grown and the surrogate son of a powerful earl—the same earl who just so happens to be the young woman’s father…
Francie Jordan and Alexander Bishop have nothing in common—she runs barefoot and talks to animals. He won’t loosen his cravat unless the bedroom door is firmly closed. She believes in love, second chances, and happily ever after. He believes in keeping a safe distance from anything that resembles an emotion. Indeed, they have nothing in common but an undeniable desire for one another they can’t ignore, and an ailing “father” who will employ any means to bring them together. 
Unfortunately, not everyone wishes to see a union between Francie and Alexander, and they will stop at nothing to keep this couple apart.

An Unlikely Husband Series:

Book One: A Taste of Seduction (Francie & Alexander’s story)
Book Two: A Touch of Seduction: a novella (Ariana & Jason’s story)
Book Three: A Scent of Seduction (Julia & Jon’s story)
Book Four: A Breath of Seduction (Sophie & Holt’s story)
Book Five: A Dash of Seduction (Madeline & Douglas’s story)

Bonus Material: Included in this eBook is a sample of A Touch of Seduction, An Unlikely Husband, Book 2.

Kiss Me , Your Grace

My Recent Release Review of

Kiss Me Your Grace

Kiss Me

Cherrill Family Book 1

by Allyson Jeleyne

File Size: 476 KB

Print Length: 204 pages

Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited

Publisher: Fifty Forty Productions

Publication Date: February 7, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English






Kind-hearted Margaret Haselden takes in a stray dog found rummaging through her rubbish bins—yet the scrappy little terrier may prove more than she can handle.

When the prized bulldog of the Duke of St. Lawrence is set upon by a mangy cur, His Grace is outraged, but a compassionate beauty at the end of her tether pleads his forgiveness.

Soon, Edward finds himself looking forward to early morning walks and easy company at Margaret’s side. Can the head of the illustrious Cherrill family choose love over duty, or will he come to heel like so many dukes before him?

My Thoughts:

Margaret just knows there is a thief or a murder watching her. So she is determined to catch the wretch. As it turns out it is a hungry little terrier trying to find himself a meal. She takes him in but he is turning out to be a true terror.

This is the first book I remembered reading by Allyson Jeleyne but as it turns out I had read two more which did not entertain me nearly as much as this one. The antics of the canine characters had me laughing out loud. Mingled with the Duke who didn’t let the heroine know about his title this is a fun and amusing regency romp that I couldn’t put down.
This book got a solid 5 of 5 stars for plot, story line and characterization. I will most certainly look for more titles by this author. I am sorry this is the only one that I remember fondly.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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