Historical Post – More Or Less A Countess by Anna Bradley

Another Anna Bradley book I need to read!

I’ve been Regency-obsessed since I read my first Jane Austen novel, so it won’t surprise you all to learn one of my favorite things about writing historical romance is the research. I always find some surprising historical tidbit that adds nuance to the story. In MORE OR LESS A MARCHIONESS it was 17th century erotica, and in MORE OR LESS A TEMPTRESS, the final book in the Somerset Sisters series, I learned all about how 19th century card cheats marked playing cards.

But the most fun I’ve ever had with research was when I was writing MORE OR LESS A COUNTESS. My heroine, Violet Somerset, is writing a book about the secret history of London. To get the sketches and material she needs, she sneaks into parts of the city considered improper for genteel ladies. So, while there are no scenes at Almack’s or Bond Street in the…

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