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The Marquess Meets His Match


A Regency Historical Romance

Dangerous Lords Book 

by Maggi Andersen

File Size: 4228 KB

Print Length: 224 pages

Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1719538808

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Publication Date: May 23, 2018; 1 edition

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


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Publisher’s Description:

A sexy Georgian Romance as only bestselling author Maggi Andersen can deliver!

A country-bred girl, Kate Bancroft always intended to marry for love, like her parents. She wanted a husband who adored her, who would be her knight in shining armor. But her plans don’t go as she had hoped – suddenly, she finds herself married to a marquess, and her new husband an aloof stranger determined to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. 

It is the unfortunate truth that she and Lord St. Malin have been forced by circumstances to marry, and Kate is painfully aware that she is not the woman he would have chosen given a choice. 

Robert makes it plain that marriage is merely for the procreation of an heir, and once that is achieved, he intends to continue in London living the life he enjoyed before he met her. Kate suspects Robert plans to tuck her away in the country, while he pursues his own interests, and she becomes determined not to let him have it all his own way. 

A quiet battle ensues. Kate is left to wander the echoing corridors of St. Malin House, when she isn’t thrown into the midst of the mocking and clever Haute Ton. She’s not at all sure she likes them, as they live by their own rules, which seem rather shocking. She’s not at all sure she likes her new husband either, except for his brilliant blue eyes, the panther-like way he walks, and the smoldering expression in his eyes when he looks at her. He is a rake and does not deserve her love, but neither can she resist his searing touch.

Robert appears quite willing to do his duty, but Kate demands love and affection, and nothing less will do. 

Can people from two worlds, and two ideals, find their happily ever after?

Publisher’s Note:

This work was previously published, as a novella, under the title The Reluctant Marquess. The current work, as presented, has been significantly changed and edited, with substantial new material added.



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Seducing The Earl


A Regency Historical Romance

Dangerous Lords Book 2

by Maggi Andersen

File Size: 2595 KB

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Publication Date: July 21, 2018; 1st edition

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English



Get Book Two in the exciting Dangerous Lords series

– spies, passion, and mystery await!

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Publisher’s Description:

John Haldane, Earl of Stathairn, first met Lady Sibella Winborne before he left to fight Bonaparte on the Peninsular. He intended to pursue her upon his return, but his war experiences ruined that plan. Instead, disturbed by nightmares, he chooses to associate with tavern wenches and gambles his time away while he continues to spy for the Crown.

But the lady remains on his mind.

He can’t quite let Lady Sibella go. Amazed that she has not yet married, John keeps her close as a friend, seeking her out at balls and riding with her in the park. But any thoughts he might have harbored about marrying the beautiful and smart Lady Sibella vanish after his friend and fellow spy is slain.

The game changes.

Determined to find his friend’s murderer, Strathairn faces a new mission – has the treasonous Frenchman, Count Forney, returned to wreak havoc? It is believed he drowned escaping England years ago. Or, worse… is there a new plot afoot to drive the people to revolution?

Lady Sibella Winborne has remained single well past her first season, despite several offers of marriage. Her many siblings have always aided her to deter unwanted suitors, but the family now believes it’s time she wed. Her elder brother, Chaloner, Marquess of Brandreth, insists on it. He has found the perfect suitor, Lord Coombe, but Sibella doesn’t warm to him. Is it because she harbors a strong affection for a blond-haired gentleman? Strathairn makes every other man seem ordinary. While she wants to set up her own household and have children, she can’t give up on Strathairn. When they’re together, the air sizzles. But does he look at every woman the way he looks at her?

The Viscount’s Widowed Lady


A Regency Historical Romance

Dangerous Lords Book 3

by Maggi Andersen

File Size: 2893 KB

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Publication Date: July 21, 2018; 1 edition

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English



Read Book Three in the Dangerous Lords series –

spies and danger make strange, but passionate, bedfellows!

Publisher’s Description:

When a widow must fight for herself… and her love.

A widow in dire circumstances, Lady Althea Brookwood fights to hang on to the one thing left to her, Owltree Cottage. When faced with a ruthless enemy, she must turn to a man for help. But her former life with her cruel husband has made her distrust men. When a gentleman she seeks assistance from is murdered, Althea finds herself caught up in a conspiracy. Unfortunately, she must turn to the last man on earth she would trust with her virtue….

Leaving behind his sad past in Ireland, Keiran Flynn, Viscount Montsimon, has become a renowned diplomat and close confidant of King George IV. A handsome rake many women of the ton wish to take to their beds, Flynn treats women lightly until he meets a lady who resists his charm. When the king sends Flynn on a secret mission, he finds that this lady, Lady Brookwood, is in some way involved. It is a puzzling situation as well as a dangerous one. He is determined to protect her even though the stubborn lady resists him at every turn.

Althea and Flynn find themselves thrust into the midst of a hazardous intrigue while fighting an attraction which could cause them to lose focus and possibly their lives.

Join John and Sibella on their unforgettable journey to their happily ever after!

All books currently available in the Dangerous Lords series:

  1. The Marquess Meets His Match
  2. The Baron’s Betrothal
  3. Seducing the Earl
  4. The Viscount’s Widowed Lady

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About The Author:

Maggi Andersen has a BA in English and a Master of Arts Degree in Creative Writing. 61vlqKAblxL._SY200_Apart from historical romance, she writes contemporary romantic suspense. Her Regency series are bestsellers and have been nominated for several awards. She lives with her husband, a retired lawyer, in country New South Wales, Australia, and support the RSPCA. You’ll find animals often feature in her books. 

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A Rake’s Redemption



by Cynthia Breeding

File Size: 1382 KB

Print Length: 249 pages

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Publication Date: July 23, 2018

Sold by: Macmillan

Language: English

ASIN: B07F6D81J8

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Publisher’s Description:

Alexander Ashley has decided women of the ton are more interested in status than love. His game is seduction and nothing more. His feelings regarding aristocratic ladies leads to an outlandish idea—prove a servant can be taught to be as ladylike as those born to it. And the beautiful Inis Fitzgerald might be just the woman for his plan.

Inis Fitzgerald escaped her home in Dublin to avoid an arranged marriage and is now working for a rakishly handsome lord who seems to enjoy bucking convention as much as she does. She plays along with his little game, pretending she knows nothing about being a lady. It doesn’t take long before Alex discovers Inis is every bit as much of an aristocrat as the women he’s sworn only to seduce and not love…


My Thoughts:

This is my second time reading a book by this author.I gave my first read by this author 4 of 5 stars and certainly hoped for a better book this time. I was disappointed!
This book started off as a very exciting, quick read but somewhere near the half way point it bogged down and I lost interest. I did finish it but it just wasn’t quite the remarkable read I first thought it to be.
All of the attempts on our heroine’s life became monotonous..
Who was trying to kill or at least run Inis off was not really a mystery. It was obvious early on of the jealousy felt by a spurned one time lover of Alexander, who paid her unfortunate servants to do her bidding.
I gave this book 3.5 of 5.0 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 3.75 of 5.0 flames. When our hero and heroine finally have an intimate encounter it was a well written scene and one of the highlights in this otherwise somewhat unfortunate read.
I’m sorry to say that from there the book goes totally downhill in this reader’s opinion.
I received a complimentary digital ARC of this title from the publisher via NetGalley to read and review. This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

About The Author:

An avid reader of anything medieval, Cynthia Breeding has taught the traditional 61mY+tYTl3L._US230_Arthurian legends to high school sophomores for fifteen years. She owns more than three hundred books, fictional and non-fictional, on the subject. More information on Arthur, Gwenhwyfar and Lancelot can be found on the Historical Account link.

In addition, she has won numerous awards including the Holt Medallion, Beacon Contest, Barclay Gold, More Than Magic and Ancient City Romance Authors.

Cynthia lives on the bay with her Bichon Frise and enjoys sailing and riding on the beach. Readers can reach her snail-mail at: 3636 S. Alameda, B-116, Corpus Christi, Texas 78411 or visit via her website. 

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