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Once Upon a Rogue Book 4

by Julie Johnstone

* Please note this is a long novella *

File Size: 2313 KB

Print Length: 142 pages

Publisher: Darbyshire Publishing LLC

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


$2.99 in E-Book Format

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When a lady bent on ruining rogues and a duke set on revenge attempt to derail each other’s plans, passion erupts into a love for the ages.

After being left brokenhearted by a duplicitous rake, Anne Adair no longer desires a husband—she wants justice. She’s traded in her foolish dream of happily-ever-after for the much more sensible one of thwarting the blackhearted lords who prey on innocent debutantes. But her first mission proves rather complicated when the dashing, devilish Duke of Kilmartin comes to the aid of her target.

Simon Sedgewick, the newly titled Duke of Kilmartin, never thought he would return to England, let alone attend a ball full of simpering lords. But when his oldest friend’s reputation is being smeared and Simon discovers that the perpetrator is none other than his enemy’s granddaughter, his long-festering desire for vengeance flares to life.

The moment Simon spies Miss Anne Adair across the glittering ballroom, he knows that the ravishing beauty is the perfect instrument for the retribution he thought lost to him. He does not know, however, that Anne has devised a scheme of her own. And soon, these two wary hearts will discover that the best laid plans are no match for love.

*Please note this is a long novella.

My Thoughts:

Revenge is maybe the last thing Simon wants but he thinks it is. He was wrongly accused of ruining a young lady in his past. Now he wants to avenge himself from the lies that sent him away.

Anne wants to keep other ladies from going through what happened to her. She has devised her own scheme as part of a society of young ladies bent on ruining rakes before they can ruin more young ladies.

These two are set against each other but will their mutual attraction or their need for revenge win out.

I gave this lengthy novella 4.5 of 5.0 stars for storyline and character development and a sensual rating of 3 of 5 flames. There is no advert intimacy in this book but it is implied.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book to read and review. This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.


“Let me get this straight,” she said, hoping she sounded prim and not flustered, because she most certainly was flustered. “You will only bring up the subject of Lord Rutledge marrying Franny if I agree to allow you to teach me to dance?”

“Aye,” he said, the word rolling off his tongue in a most sinful way.

Anne suddenly felt burning hot. Oh, how she wished she had a fan. No, no, actually, it was by God’s humorous grace that she did not. For if she had one, she would have used it, and it certainly would not do for Simon to know he’d made her feel like swooning by merely uttering the word aye. Her reaction was positively disgraceful.

“I’ll remember to be specific with ye in the future, Anne.”

He had a way of saying her name that made her stomach flutter. It was truly vexing. “You mustn’t call me Anne.”

©Julie Johnstone, Jan. 30, 2018, Darbyshire Publishing LLC

About The Author:

Author Julie Johnstone first fell in love with romance fifteen years ago when she picked

Julie Johnstone_Author

up her first romance novel in an airport gift shop on the way to Conroe, Texas for a family reunion and spent her whole weekend reading rather than water skiing, which up until then was one of her favorite things to do.

Julie is staying up way too late and typing furiously on her keyboard to finish her next book or blog with her fellow authors at Ladyscribes. Julie is married to an amazing lawyer and when she is not running her two precocious children to one activity or another she is trying to seek out some time to stay in shape and see her dearest friends.

Books in this series:

  1. My Fair Duchess
  2. My Seductive Innocent
  3. My Enchanting Hoyden
  4. My Daring Duchess


Julie will give away reader’s choice of any ebook of the first three Once Upon a Rogue books for comments on this blog post about “My Daring Duchess” on release day.

Comment on this question to enter:

Have you ever hatched a plan of revenge?

Winner will be randomly chosen.

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