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Caught by the Scot

Five star rating - shiny golden stars


by Karen Hawkins

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Print Length: 385 pages

ISBN: 1476786038

ASIN: B071CK115Z

Publisher: Pocket Books

Publication Date: September 26, 2017

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Publisher’s Description:

New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins is back with a brand-new, sizzling series featuring three unforgettable, untamed brothers who must marry or risk losing their inheritance.

Dashing Scottish privateer Conner Douglas must marry a respectable, well-born woman—and soon, if he wants to secure his rightful inheritance. Determined to still explore the high seas as well as his mistresses’ beds, he aims to find a pliable wife who’ll turn a blind eye to his antics. And he knows just the woman—childhood friend and mousy spinster Miss Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe.

Unbeknownst to Conner, meek and plain Theodora has been hopelessly in love with him for years. But unwilling to wait forever for what will never happen, Theodora plans to wed a kind—if unexciting—local landowner, leaving behind the wild Highlander of her dreams.

Yet Conner refuses to let his perfect wife get away. He chases her to Gretna Green and is shocked to discover the real Theodora is an ardent and wildly sensual woman. Soon he realizes his passion to win her has nothing to do with securing his inheritance and everything to do with earning the love of the unforgettable woman who has vowed to leave him in her past forever. But have his wandering ways chased the woman he loves away for good? Or can Conner convince Theodora to give him one last chance before she marries the wrong man?

My Thoughts:

This is another winner from Karen Hawkins. She never fails to amaze me, even with her novellas.
Conner is a well established privateer with a true love of the sea. Marriage is the last thing on his mind but when his sister tragically dies in childbirth he finds himself in caught in a dilemma. She has requested in her will that all of her brothers marry and very soon. He, unlike his brothers, knows precisely who that lady will be.
Theodora is his best friend’s younger sister. She has been in love with Conner for years but since she is certain he will never love her in return she elopes with a local squire. When Conner arrives at her home to do the unthinkable and actually ask her to marry him, he finds her gone with only a note left behind. He must stop her from marrying this other man at all costs.
This is how this convoluted and often comical story begins. This book has everything from intrigue, action and enough humor to keep us laughing.
This is a full length novel and the first in the new, Made to Marry Series. I can hardly wait for this series to continue, however this book does read well as a standalone title. There are no cliffhangers which makes me wonder who the characters, other than the other brothers, will be in the continuation of this series.
I always look forward to reading Karen’s books. and try not to miss any of them.
I gave this book 5.0 of 5.0 stars for storyline and character development and a sensual rating of 4.25 of 5.0 flames..
Although the intimate scenes are limited they can be very heated in nature.
I received a complimentary digital ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I have read and reviewed voluntarily.

About The Author:

Karen Hawkins is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 26 fun31U9TO1cnkL__UX250_ and lively Regency historical romances and two humorous contemporary romances. Like Sabrina Jeffries, Julia Quinn, Victoria Alexander, and Suzanne Enoch, Karen’s books are renown for their sparkling humor, dashing rakes, independent heroines, and often include freshly retold fairy tales (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc), daring rescues, runaway brides, marriages of convenience, Regency balls, and more! With vivid descriptions, strong characters, and captivating plots, Karen takes her readers from London’s Regency ballrooms to the purpled moors of Scotland and beyond.

When not stalking hot Australian actors, pretending to do ‘research’ while looking up pictures of men in kilts from the Scottish highlands, or teasing her husband (aka Hot Cop) about his propensity to idolize chocolate cake over the other food groups, Karen is busy writing her next book while resting her toes on one of her three large rescue dogs. She lives in Florida and can be reached at

If you want information on Karen’s new releases, sign up here for her amazingly fun newsletter, which she sends out only three or four times a year because … well, we don’t know why, but she never seems to do more than that. Probably because she’s too busy with her kilt-watching. That takes up a lot of our time, too.

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Perfect for Him


by Suzanne Jenkins

Digital List Price: $0.99

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Publisher’s Description:

When a young wife and mother hears she hasn’t got long to live, she discovers a unique way of making sure her family will be okay after she’s gone. Implementing her plan keeps her busy until the end, when everything falls into place perfectly.

Perfect for Him is a tale of two lovers whose lifetime romance sustains them, as an unwanted ending looms in the near future. Pathos and heartbreak intermingle with expectation and the comedy that only a close-knit family can generate. At the end, joy and hope reign, thanks to Harley’s unselfish love.

Sarah’s Duke and Ellie’s Gentleman


Sexy and Sweet Regency Romance

The Heir and a Spare Book 1

by Fiona Miers

Digital List price: $2.99

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Recently- re-edited and newly updated. Enjoy!

Publisher’s Description:

Sarah’s Duke: A Regency romance by Fiona Miers with FREE Bonus Short Story ‘Ellie’s Gentleman.’

Sarah Collins, a vicar’s daughter from Somerset, has a modest goal for her first Season in London—find a husband who can provide for her and her family. With nothing to offer but her beauty and a pleasant temperament, she hopes her assets will be enough to secure her a kind and steady man. She’s certainly not looking for a fortune or title, and indeed, hopes she may live quietly in the country and never come to London again.

Oliver Lyre is the newly inherited Duke of Lincoln. Born as the ‘spare’ son, he never expected to inherit his father’s noble mantle, and has neither the social skills nor the desire to enjoy the benefits of his rank. He knows he must marry a lady befitting his new position, but when he rescues the beautiful Sarah Collins one night, he can’t envision a future without her sweet smile.

What’s a duke to do—marry a delectable virgin who will undoubtedly make a horrid Duchess, or do what family duty demands of him … unless he can somehow find a way to have both?

Ellie’s Gentleman A Regency short story

Ellie Sommers is twenty years old, beautiful and lively. However, returned home to the country after another long London season, she wants nothing more than to remain in her beloved little town and ride her horses. Will she ever find a husband who cherishes the same modest goals?

Robert Blakely is a widowed gentleman, come to spend Christmas with his long-time friend William Sommers. Convinced that he will never wish to marry again, Robert is shocked to find himself keenly interested in his friend’s lovely daughter. Can it be that a girl half his age is his perfect match?

Don’t miss this sweet & sensual Regency romance–get your copy of Sarah’s Duke today, and receive Ellie’s Gentleman as a bonus!



Book 1

Contemporary Romance

The Onesies – Fall

by Josie Brown

Digital List Price: $2.99

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Publisher’s Description:

Each book completes a story arc, but it includes a series cliffhanger that connects Books 1-4; And then Books 5-8.


The Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club is the most exclusive children’s playgroup in all of San Francisco. For the city’s ultra-competitive elite, the club’s ten annual spots are the ultimate parenting prize.

But not everyone is PHM&TC material. The club’s founder, Bettina Connaught Cross, adheres to strict membership rules: Moms only. No single parents or working mothers allowed. Membership is an arduous commitment. And there’s no room in the club for scandal, bad behavior, or imperfection…from tots or their moms.

In a world of power and prestige, no one has more than Bettina. And as every mom in Pacific Heights knows, you simply cannot cross her. But this year’s admissions process is more rigorous than ever, pitting prospective members against each other to prove their mettle.

But four of the six candidates vying for the remaining four slots have a secret that would knock them out of the running. Jade is a former stripper and porn actress, who has been absent for most of her son’s life. Jillian’s husband cleaned out their joint accounts and left her for his pregnant assistant. Ally never even had a husband—just a sperm donor—and she’s hiding a high-ranking corporate job. And Lorna fears that her son may have special needs… just the excuse her sister-in-law, Bettina, needs to deny her entry to the club.

Can these hopeful moms keep up appearances long enough to outlast the competition? Or will their chances—and their private lives—go up in flames?

Friendship. Lies. Seduction. Betrayal. Welcome to Totlandia.

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