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The Mistress Enchants Her Marquis


by Christina McKnight

Publisher’s Description:


The grandson of an unconventional marquis and son of a notorious woman, Elijah Watson, Marquis of Ridgefeld, has spent most of his life outside of London. His atypical upbringing has left him longing for roots and a traditional family life, and he’s determined to live his life above reproach. When he meets Miss Samantha Pengarden, he believes he’s found the woman he wants to marry–except she has other far more sensual ideas for him.

Known throughout the ton as the illegitimate rebellious daughter of London’s disreputable Craven House Madame, Samantha has never had to face the world without her shy twin by her side–until now. Her sister’s marriage and the return of her blackguard father leaves her alone and adrift. When Elijah agrees to escort her to the town’s most infamous establishments, she thinks she’s finally found a man with a taste for scandal and a knowledge of matters of the flesh.

But she never counted on Elijah being so honorable. When Samantha is listed as the mistress of the Marquis of Ridgefeld in White’s betting book, her reputation is in ruins–and only Elijah can save her. Can two total opposites come together for a love certain to last a lifetime?

My Thoughts:
This is the highly anticipated second book in Christina McKnight’s bestselling Craven House Series! I own but have yet to read Book #1 ,”The Thief Steals Her Earl “.
I just know when I get around to reading it I will love it a much as I did this one. Although they are part of a series I feel that each one can be read as a standalone title.
These titles include background characters that have appeared in other novels and series by this author so if you have previously read historical titles by Ms. McKnight you will have an “Oh Yes” moment or two while reading.

“Sam”(Samantha) has a wild streak that refuses to be tamed and prefers being called by her male nickname as she feels it to be much stronger than her full feminine version.
Eli, even though his beginnings mirror Sam’s in many aspects, is most assuredly a Gentleman and makes for an excellent Hero in this comical at times story. They both fall head over heels for each other but neither seems to know that their feelings are reciprocated.
The characters in this book are well developed and the storyline, although somewhat long and drawn out is a good one.

I gave this book 4 of 5 stars for storyline and character development. The sensual aspect gets 3.5 of 5 flames for heat.

I received a complimentary digital ARC of this book via NetGalley from the publisher to read and review.
This in no way influenced or affected in any way my opinion of this title


For $0.99

The Thief Steals Her Earl

Craven House Series Book 1

by Christina McKnight

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