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My Re-Release Review of

Princess of Fire



by Heather Graham (Shannon Drake)

New Publication Date: January 31, 2017

$7.99 in Mass Market Paperback at:

Amazon ~ B&N

Publisher’s Description:

In the 11th century, the battle of Hastings casts dark shadows on the lives of Fallon and Alaric–she a Saxon, he a Norman, raised from birth to be mortal enemies. But neither can deny the attraction between them, and they succumb to the passion that makes all other allegiances pale in comparison!

 The mighty Norman warrior destined for greatness—forced to take sides in a bloody battle for power and glory…
 The willful Saxon princess born into a land divided by blackest treachery—fighting for her life against the despised Norman invaders…
He would rescue her from certain death. And she would flee, determined to resist this seductive enemy who vowed to conquer her with a passion that would turn her heart to fire…

My Thoughts:

When Heather Graham’s books focused on the historical genre, I couldn’t get enough. Now she writes mostly Suspense, a genre that I just don’t read.

When I saw this historical romance by her on NetGalley I couldn’t resist making the request although it is a re-release of a title written under the pseudonym Shannon Drake and published in 1989.

I realize the times of William the Conqueror were bloody ones, but for a romance this just had too much violence and too little romance for me.
The imagery was very good but I prefer a more romantic read. The author at a point delves deeply into the history of the times and the history between the hero and the heroine before getting down to their current story and developing relationship. Our heroine frankly hates the Normans and finds them all despicable.
Although this book is well written like all of Heather Graham books that I have read, I just found it hard to get past the violence and bloodletting around the Battle of Hastings.
I gave this book 3.5 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and 3 of 5 flames for heat.
We leave the book knowing maybe more factual history than necessary for a romance novel.

The new cover art is much more attractive than past ones.
The romantic aspects of the story do heat up at times and lead to a very hot physical relationship although near the start of the book it almost leads to rape.
I received a complimentary digital ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley to read and review.
This in no way affected my opinion of this title.

Pre-Order Boxed Set/Anthology

Regency Ever After

Timeless Tales and Fables II

by Dawn Brower, Amanda Mariel, Meara Platt, Collette Cameron,

Ari Thatcher, Sue London, & Tammy Andresen

This Title will Be Auto-Delivered to Your Device

March 7, 2017

Digital Price $0.99 at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

511xyqyaizl__sx260_Once upon a time seven historical romance authors created a fairy tale inspired Regency world with all the romance of Regency and timelessness of fairy tales.

Stolen by My Knave by Dawn Brower

As a child, Lady Elizabeth Kendall glimpsed an image of a handsome gentleman in her looking glass. Imagine her surprise when years later she meets the Duke of Whitewood, who bears a striking resemblance to her imaginary man. Will they accept fate’s decision or ignore all the signs that brought them together?

Enticed by Lady Elianna by Amanda Mariel
Lady Elianna has been forced into servitude by her cousin. Still she dares to dream. Lord Sinclair is intrigued by her and determined to discover her secrets. Might he be the key to her freedom?

The Ugly Duckling Debutante by Meara Platt
Gennalyn, a lonely young woman far from home thinks of herself as an outcast, ugly duckling. But Roarke, a much sought after war hero just returned home, sees her for the beautiful swan she truly is.

A Diamond for a Duke by Collette Cameron
A dour duke and a wistful wallflower–an impossible match until fate intervenes one enchanted night, resulting in a passionate interlude neither can forget.

His Elusive Nightingale by Ari Thatcher
When a pompous duke offers a large reward to anyone who’ll bring his favorite opera singer to perform for him, an amateur sleuth and the singer’s maid conspire to accomplish the challenge. Little does the sleuth know what intrigue lies ahead, and the damage a few passionate nights with a maid will do to his heart.

The Fairy Palace by Sue London
Lord Williams indulges his sheltered ‘cousin’ with the visit to London she always wanted. Now he’s in trouble that the Mad Clan may not be able to get him out of.

Hunting for A Lady’s Heart by Tammy Andresen
Lord William Fairfield is an experienced hunter, so when he encounters the beautiful, raven-haired Lady Eirwen White in the forest running for her life, he knows that he must use his skills to save her. But will Eirwen allow him to put his life at risk to aid her against her wicked stepmother?

Join us on a Regency adventure of love and romance with seven brand new stories by some of today’s most sought after authors in Regency Ever After: Timeless Tales and Fables 2

License to Date

Better Date than Never Series Book 6

by Susan Hatler

Digital List Price: $2.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

Amazon ~ B&N

Publisher’s Description:

After discovering her fiancé cheated on her, Kaitlin is focused on two things: remodeling her new 510roetyislhome and avoiding men at all costs. But her friends insist she get back in the driver’s seat and date again. They strike a hard bargain and agree to paint her house if she goes on five dates.

Anxious to get the paint job started, Kaitlin schedules five dates in five days, but her plan falls to pieces when a sexy bartender at her venue-of-choice makes her swoon. Even though he observes each of the dates from afar, she can’t help but want him to come a little closer.

The last person she should fall for is a mysterious bartender with a sinful smile, but Paul makes her want to take risks again. Will the charming man with electric blue eyes break her heart or will he prove to her that a license to date is what makes life worth the drive?


Sleeping Beauty Retold

Romance a Medieval Fairytale Book 2

by Demelza Carlton

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon


Publisher’s Description:

A sleeping beauty. A kingdom frozen in time. Only one can save them all.
Once upon a time…
Lord Siward intended to go hunting, but when he stumbles upon a ruined castle and accidentally wakes the mysterious maiden sleeping inside, he knows his holiday is over.
With the kingdom in trouble, Siward should be protecting the realm, but every time Rosamond looks at him, he gets lost in the girl’s green eyes. Who is the mysterious beauty, and why does he feel she holds the key to the kingdom’s deliverance?

Romance a Medieval Fairytale series:
Each book is a standalone, so they can be read in any order:

  • Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold (#1)
  • Awaken: Sleeping Beauty Retold (#2)
  • Dance: Cinderella Retold (#3)




2 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday bargains, Freebies & Reviews

  1. Some of these old books I haven’t read because I lived outside the U.S. for around 18 years, and then I had so many other challenges in life to do, like bringing up children. I’ve enjoyed Cynthia Wright’s and Deborah Cooke’s re-releases, this time in digital and audiobook. I do enjoy suspense, so that mixed with romance suits me fine.

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