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Highlander’s Ransom:

The Sinclair Brothers Trilogy, Book 1

by Emma Prince

Book One of the Sinclair Brothers Trilogy

Digital List Price: $2.99

Currently $0.99 at Amazon

51OZWrj8tcL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_He was out for revenge.

Laird Robert Sinclair would stop at nothing to exact revenge on Lord Raef Warren, the English scoundrel who had brought war to his doorstep and razed his lands and people. Leaving his clan in the Highlands to conduct covert attacks in the Borderlands, Robert lives to be a thorn in Warren’s side. So when he finds a beautiful English lass on her way to marry Warren, he whisks her away to the Highlands with a plan to ransom her back to her dastardly fiance.

She would not be controlled.

Lady Alwin Hewett had no idea when she left her father’s manor to marry a man she’d never met that she would instead be kidnapped by a Highland rogue out for vengeance. But she refuses to be a pawn in any man’s game. So when she learns that Robert has had them secretly wed, she will stop at nothing to regain her freedom. But her heart may have other plans…


Highlander’s Return:

The Sinclair Brothers Trilogy

Book 2.5 (Bonus Novella)

by Emma Prince

$0.99 at Amazon


The Sinclair Brother Trilogy, Book 2.5 (BONUS Novella)

First love’s flame extinguished…

Burke Sinclair and Meredith Sutherland want nothing more than to be married, but ancient clan hostilities tear them apart. When Meredith is forced to marry another to appease her father and secure an alliance, the young lovers think all is lost.

Only to be reignited…

Ten long years of a stifling marriage nearly crush Meredith’s spirit. But when her unfeeling husband dies and Burke, now a grown man and a hardened warrior, suddenly reappears in her life, the two may get a second chance at first love—if old blood feuds don’t rip them apart once and for all.


NEW RELEASE ~ Feb. 1st, 2016

An Affair in Autumn

(A Year Without a Duke book #4)

by Jennifer Haymore

Books 1 – 4 Now Available

Book #5 Releasing February 8th, 2016

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ iBooks

All Installments $0.99 each

01/06/2016 – 02/15/2016

Caroline Addison, Lady Whytestone, has important news to deliver to her old friend–he has 51jTrwLsCeL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_inherited a dukedom! He could be in New York or perhaps in South America, but no matter. Caro is an independent woman, so who says she can’t indulge in a little adventure and travel across the Atlantic–and maybe across a continent–to find him?

On a mission to locate the new Duke of Beckworth, Lord Markus Hawkins has boarded a ship bound for America. But when Mark walks out of his cabin and runs into his nemesis, Caroline Addison, who happens to be in search of the very same man, his head threatens to explode out of sheer frustration. Caro is headstrong, frustrating, selfish, wickedly intelligent, and so damn beautiful, Mark can’t see anything but her when she’s near. How’s he going to survive the long voyage ahead?

Over the years, Caro and Mark have run the gamut from dear friends to bitter enemies. Now, in the close quarters of a sailing ship, sparks fly as old feelings return to the surface and new ones begin to simmer inside. Caro and Mark are headed for America, for the new duke, and for something that might be the love of a lifetime. But only if they don’t destroy each other first.


The duke has died. Long live the duke! The only problem is no one knows who the new Duke of Beckworth is. All of England wonders, but no one more so than the people who depend upon Beckworth for their livelihood. In 1816, a year so cold that the word “summer” is a cruel joke, that livelihood is even more uncertain. However, they are all about to find out, with the duke away, there is nothing more warming than scandal and love… 

All the YEAR WITHOUT A DUKE stories can be read as standalones.

Book 1: Jilted in January by Kate Pearce
Book 2: Forbidden in February by Suzanna Medeiros
Book 3: Seduced in September by Genevieve Turner
Book 4: An Affair in Autumn by Jennifer Haymore
Book 5: A Duke by December by Sabrina Darby

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