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Knight of My Dreams

3 full-length novels and 1 novella by USA Today and National Bestselling Authors!  

Amy Jarecki, Catherine Kean, Kathryn Le Veque & Emma Prince

$0.99 at Amazon

61OMu9ArPJL__SX484_BO1,204,203,200_HIGHLAND KNIGHT OF RAPTURE by Amy Jarecki: When Sir Eoin MacGregor witnesses Lady Helen’s dishonor, he’s infused with rage. Worse, his hands are tied by honor and duty. Will the gallant knight find the strength to mask his deepest desires and save the woman he’s always loved?

A KNIGHT’S VENGEANCE by Catherine Kean: When Lady Elizabeth Brackendale is kidnapped and held for ransom by rogue knight Geoffrey de Lanceau, she vows to escape and thwart his plans to exact vengeance upon her father. Yet the more she learns about Geoffrey, the tormented warrior haunted by father’s killing years ago, the more she yearns for him. Only by Elizabeth and Geoffrey championing their forbidden love can they uncover the deadly secrets that could save or destroy all.

UNENDING LOVE by Kathryn Le Veque: A serious young knight and the lady who has loved him her entire life. When he finally returns her feelings, tragedy threatens to keep them apart forever.

HIGHLANDER’S RETURN (a Novella) by Emma Prince: Burke Sinclair and Meredith Sutherland wanted nothing more than to be married, but ancient clan hostilities tear them apart. Ten long years stretch between them, but when Meredith’s cruel husband dies and Burke reappears in her life, the two may get a second chance at first love—if old blood feuds don’t rip them apart once and for all.


Where the Shamrocks Grow

Historical Family Saga

by Cathy Mansell

$0.99 at Amazon

51cpk9gYANL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Set in 1917 against the backdrop of the Irish civil war, young Jo Kingsley is transported from her turbulent childhood of domestic servitude, to the sophisticated life of the upper classes at the beautiful Chateau Colbert. Here she meets Jean-Pierre, the grandson of her employer, Madame Colbert, and visits Paris where she discovers the desires of men. But Jo’s destiny takes her to America where she experiences more than her dreams of becoming a music teacher.

During prohibition, in the mysterious haunts of Greenwich Village, she falls deeply in love with Mike Pasiński, a free-spirit; and a son of Polish emigrants. However, loneliness, loss and hardship follow during the Wall Street crash.

Will the beautiful Jo let go of her demons and learn to love again?


Return of the Highlander

by Julianne Maclean


Digital List Price: $4.99

You Save: $4.99

Deal Expires On: Dec 21, 2015

Amazon ~ i-Books ~ Google

Join countless other romance readers who have been captured, claimed, 51binWqzXUL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_and seduced by Julianne MacLean’s passionate and adventurous bestselling Highlander series.

Nothing means more to Scottish heiress Larena Campbell than saving her father from the gallows. While on an urgent mission to deliver his pardon from the King, she and her English escorts are attacked by a pair of fierce Scottish rebels. When she is dragged unconscious back to the stronghold of Angus the Lion, a powerful and dangerous Scottish laird, she is furious with her captors and determined to escape at any cost…

Highland scout, Darach MacDonald, is suspicious of the beautiful and defiant heiress who clocked him in the head during the skirmish with the enemy Redcoats. He suspects she will stop at nothing to win her freedom—not even a manipulative seduction of his younger brother Logan. Fiercely protective of his brother, Darach volunteers to shepherd the heiress back to her home, but spending countless nights on the open road with a lassie as temptingly beautiful as Larena Campbell is enough to drive any hot-blooded Scot mad with savage desire. Suddenly he is overcome by a need to claim her as his own, but when they arrive at her father’s castle, all may not be what it seems…

Look for the other novels in this exciting Highlander series:
THE REBEL – A Highland Short Story Prequel


Once Upon A Regency

Timeless Tales And Fables

by Samantha Grace, Amanda Mariel, Meara Platt, Allison Merritt,

Ari Thatcher, Dawn Brower, Sue London, Lynne Barron

& Tammy Andresen 

Pre-Order Today for $0.99 at Amazon Smile

Release Date Feb. 5th, 2016


Once upon a time nine historical romance authors created a fairy tale inspired Regency world…

Resisting Romeo by Samantha Grace
Enchanted By the Earl by Amanda Mariel
Wish Upon A Kiss by Meara Platt
A Duke Worth His Salt by Allison Merritt
Masquerading as a Miss by Ari Thatcher
Searching for My Rogue by Dawn Brower
The Enchanted Cave by Sue London
Taming Beauty by Lynne Barron
Stealing a Lady’s Heart by Tammy Andresen

Join us on a Regency adventure of love and romance in the limited edition box set

Once Upon A Regency: Timeless Tales And Fables!


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