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I really Enjoy doing reviews through NetGalley and discovering new authors.


Naughty, Nice, and Paranormal

A Touch of Holiday Magic

By Various Authors

$0.99 at Amazon

51SxfxUaABL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Deck your e-readers this holiday season with 15 sexy stories from today’s hottest paranormal romance authors. From the very naughtiest to the mmm-mmm nicest, we’ve got shifters–wolf, dragon, feline, and more!–elves, ghosts, even a Virginia Devil Monkey and a very sexy Santa. This box set of sparkling holiday tales from bestselling authors gives the best gift any lover of paranormal romance could want: a little sugar n’ spice with a whole lot of naughty n’ nice.


Once Upon a Fiery Christmas by Élianne Adams 
Under His Skin by Kallysten
Wolf In Exile: Part 4.5 ~ Bound by Amber Ella Monroe
Forgotten by Elle Thorne
Christmas Wolf by J.K. Harper
Festive & Seduced by Shelley Munro
Unwrapping Mr. Roth by Holley Trent
Season of the Wolf by Marie Mason
Snowbound with Ghost by Ani Gonzalez
Order of Alphas: Ascension by Eris Sage
Bear The Heat by Catherine Vale
Stranded With A Cajun Werewolf by Selena Blake
Doe and the Hunter by Kristen Strassel
Beary Christmas, Baby by Sasha Devlin
Saving Christmas by Rebekah R. Ganiere

Sugar, Spice, and Shifters

A Touch of Holiday Magic

By Various Authors

$0.99 at Amazon


Ring in your holiday season with all-new holiday shifter stories from today’s hottest paranormal romance writers.

From the sweetest of mating claims to the spiciest of holiday wishes come true, this set has a perfect present for every reader. Whether you’ve asked Santa for wolf shifters, werebears, or dragons, this box set of ALL NEW holiday tales from bestselling authors gives the best gift any lover of paranormal romance could want: a little naughty n’ nice with a whole lot of sugar n’ spice.


A Pirate for Christmas

A Regency Novella

by Anna Campbell

$0.99 at Amazon

There’s a pirate in the manor house!

What is vicar’s daughter Bess Farrar to do when the dashing new earl, the man gossip paints as a ruthless pirate, kisses her the day they meet? Why, kiss him right back, of course! Now Lord Channing vows to claim the lovely firebrand, despite interfering villagers, a snowstorm, scandal, and a rascally donkey. The gallant naval captain’s first landlocked Christmas promises mayhem – and a lifetime of breathtaking passion

Pursued by the pirate…

Bess Farrar might be an innocent village miss, but she knows enough about the world to doubt Lord Channing’s motives when he kisses her the very day they meet. After all, local gossip insists that before this dashing rake became an earl, he sailed the Seven Seas as a ruthless pirate.

Bewitched by the vicar’s daughter…

Until he unexpectedly inherits a title, staunchly honorable Scotsman Rory Beaton has devoted his adventurous life to the Royal Navy. But he sets his course for tempestuous new waters when he meets lovely, sparkling Bess Farrar. Now this daring mariner will do whatever it takes to convince the spirited lassie to launch herself into his arms and set sail into the sunset.

A Christmas marked by mayhem.

Wooing his vivacious lady, the new Earl of Channing finds himself embroiled with matchmaking villagers, an eccentric vicar, mistaken identities, a snowstorm, scandal, and a rascally donkey. Life at sea was never this exciting. The gallant naval captain’s first landlocked Christmas promises hijinks, danger, and passion – and a breathtaking chance to win the love of a lifetime.  

Her Christmas Earl

A Regency Novella

by Anna Campbell

$0.99 at Amazon

No good deed goes unpunished…

To save her hen-witted sister from scandal, Philippa Sanders ventures into a rake’s bedroom – and into his power. Now her reputation hangs by a thread and only a hurried marriage can rescue her. Is the Earl of Erskine the heartless libertine the world believes? Or will Philippa discover unexpected honor in a man notorious for his wild ways?

Blair Hume, the dissolute Earl of Erskine, has had his eye on the intriguing Miss Sanders since he arrived at this deadly dull house party. Now a reckless act delivers this beguiling woman into his hands as a delightful Christmas gift. Is fate offering him a fleeting Yuletide diversion? Or will this Christmas Eve encounter spark a passion that lasts a lifetime? 

Highland Wishes

Four Holiday-Inspired Tales

The Legend of the Spirit Waters

by  Glynnis Campbell, Suzan Tisdale, Kathryn Le Veque, Hildie McQueen and Emma Prince

$0.99 at Amazon

Join USA TODAY BESTSELLING authors Glynnis Campbell, Suzan Tisdale, and Kathryn Le Veque, and BESTSELLING authors Hildie McQueen and Emma Prince for four holiday-inspired never before published tales that are sure to warm your hearts this holiday season.


Deep in the Scottish Highlands stood a well, left behind by the Northmen who had built a longhouse upon the site. The longhouse eventually crumbled, the Norse died off, but the well remained. The well was built in the trees, high above the land, and built in dark gray stone that is native to the area. Upon the stones of the well were carved these words:

May your journey be quiet and your days of joy long. May your deeds remain strong for Odin. May your love stay true to your noble heart.

This well, so alone upon the hill, soon became the stuff of legends, It was said that a young Northman fell in love with a local Taevali maiden. Her parents forbid her to see him so, in desperation, she stole away on a cold December night with the intention of marrying her Norse lover in secret. They were followed by her parents but rather than be separated, the desperate lovers ran to the longhouse and hid in the well. There was a terrible storm that night and the run off from the mountains that kept the well supplied with water soon overflowed, dooming the lovers on what would be the Christian holiday of Christmas.

Now, their spirits wander the trees where the well is, where they met their deaths, together in spirit as they could not be together in life. It is said that if lovers make a wish upon the well during this holiday time, the spirit of the young Northman and his lovely maiden will grant the lovers one wish for their marital happiness, one wish that will bind them together for eternity.

THE LEGEND OF THE SPIRIT WATERS by Kathryn Le VequeThe legend begins with a Norseman and his native lover.

THE HANDFASTING by Glynnis Campbell: A French knight betrothed to a Highland heiress falls in love with his spirited bride, until he realizes he’s been tricked into wedding the wrong sister.

THE THIEF’S DAUGHTER by Suzan Tisdale: Onnleigh, betrayed and abandoned, makes one simple wish: a better life for her child. Connor MacCallen, widowed and newly made chief of his clan, appeases his grandmother by making a wish for wife and children. Will fate intervene and make those wishes come true?

THE WOLF OF SKYE by Hildie McQueen: Fate’s wicked sense of humor strikes Highland guard Faolan Mackinnon when he ends up betrothed to Catriona Grant, a fiery lass, who he met only minutes earlier.

WISH UPON A WINTER SOLSTICE by Emma Prince: To test the powers of a legendary well, Keita trespasses onto her enemy’s lands. She never expects to come face to face with the man they call the Demon of Loch Moy–or succumb to the dark heat her captor stirs within her.

Enjoy this special holiday collection of new material for a limited time.

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