Favourite Historical Fiction

Historical Romance and Historical Fiction from certain eras are my favorite genres. Check Out Who Made this List!!!

All about historical fiction

In 2015, I asked readers to list their favourite historical fiction titles for the first time. Being a little more experienced I limited participants to three choices – clearly a challenge for many. What has emerged is more than 1700 different titles – and no, I won’t be listing them all today – and some clear favourites.

Apologies to Elizabeth Chadwick – In the original version, I misattributed her novel The Summer Queen to Philippa Gregory. Mistake now corrected.

Favourite titles >40 mentions

I’ve grouped them into three parts: titles with more than 40 mentions, titles with 20 to 39 mentions and titles with 10 to 19 mentions. Given variations in spelling and the ability of readers to recall exact titles, it’s been a challenge to count the entries and I’ve spent weeks checking and double-checking to be as accurate as possible. I have chosen to put the titles in order but not…

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