Review: KILTS AND DAGGERS by Victoria Roberts ~ a recent release

Love This Cover!! This book is in my TBR Pile. I have a paperback that I won. I’m trying to catch up on my ARCs right now.

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23390846Spoken words that will come back to haunt our heroine, Lady Grace Walsingham:

“ Understand this…Elizabeth is a Walsingham, and we Walsinghams chase no man.”

Ian, Lord Munro, neighboring clan’s laird, airs his general thoughts on women and Laird Sutherland’s, in particular:

“Women are like damn midges, naught but pests, and I’m afraid ye and your lands are sorely infested.”

 This remark from our hero, Fegan Murray, the captain of the guard at Sutherland castle, spoken with great sarcasm to Lady Grace Walsingham:

“Earlier on the beach, ye didnae want my help. Do you need my Scottish hands to assist ye, bhanaphrronnsa, or are ye capable of placing your English arse in the saddle yourself?”

Title:Kilts and Daggers, book 2 of Highland Spies series
Author: Victoria Roberts
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: Sutherland, Scottish Highlands, 1610
Pages: 321
Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Published Date: May 5, 2015

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