Dollar Tree Find!!


I found this book a local Dollar Tree Store and since I love

Historical Romance of the Highland Variety the cover drew me in.

For $1.00 I figured I didn’t have much to loose if I didn’t like it. It was a GREAT FIND!

The Warrior Laird

Book One: The Highland Brothers

A TOP PICK from Romantic Times Magazine

Haunted by horrors of his childhood, Dugan MacMillan has sworn to protect his clan at any cost… even if he must search for a rumored treasure and kidnap a beautiful thief to do it.

The MacMillan laird has never crossed paths with anyone quite like Lady Maura Duncanson. After he saved her from certain death, the comely vixen had the audacity to disappear with his treasure map, his only key to restoring his clan. Dugan has no qualms about taking Maura hostage, especially when he learns she is to wed a wealthy old baron who will pay him a fortune in ransom … a fortune his people desperately need.

But, of course, Maura has no intention of returning to her despicable fiance. And the longer Dugan spends in the bewitching hellion’s presence, the less willing he is to surrender her to any man … at any price.

My Thoughts:

This is a very well written story at any price, but a bargain is always nice. The characters are well thought out. Maguire has brought us an emotionally charged story with a Hero and Heroine not to be soon forgotten. Hot!! 4.5 Stars!!

From Romantic Times Magazine Archives:


2012 – Historical K.i.s.s. Hero nominee

Maguire’s latest may be her most emotionally moving novel yet. Replete with incredible passion and characters who quickly grab readers’ heartstrings, The Warrior Laird will not be easily forgotten.

Laird Dugan MacMillan receives a devastating demand: Pay the Duke of Argyll 3,000 pounds, or his entire clan will be evicted. The only way to pay Argyll is to find a hidden cache of gold. Since he inherited part of a treasure map and knows where another part can be obtained, Dugan sets out to claim the fortune. Lady Maura Duncanson, exiled by her father, is summoned by him to wed a ruthless lord. No one knows she has a map fragment. She and Dugan join forces. One step ahead of her fiancé and Argyll, they come to appreciate each other and fall in love. However, there is much to overcome before they can find peace and happiness. (AVON, Aug.,2012 428 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by:
Kathe Robin

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